About Me

         My journey with yoga started after a health scare. I had been waking up with terrible headaches which eventually led me to the ER. While there, I learned that my blood pressure was at such a dangerous level, that I was at high risk for a stroke or death. After a few days in the hospital, a million tests, and a month on a heart monitor, they came up empty handed as to why it was so high. My Cardiologist insisted that I make a serious effort at reducing my stress level, and recommended I start yoga and meditation as soon as possible.

          I remember going home and thinking, "Am I that stressed out??" I have a son with autism. It's stressful. I know that, but I never considered myself to be so stressed that I would end up in the position that I was in. I immediately started yoga and I loved it. I practice daily and enjoy every minute of it.  My practice helps me to connect with myself both physically and mentally. It makes me feel better, and gives me the space I need within myself to take on any challenges that may come up.  The benefits of the practice led me back to health but it continues to be something I monitor and work at. 

          I completed my 200 hour training with Erica Nunnally of the Bija Institute in Cumberland, Rhode Island in 2015, and an currently enrolled in my 300 hr advanced teacher training with Jacqui Bonwell of Sacred Seeds Yoga School.  I have additionally trained in different modalities such as Yin, Yoga Nidra, Yoga for Children, and Yoga for Children with Autism and Special Needs.

          My goal is to make the practice both comfortable, and accessible to people just as they are, and I'm always thrilled to see people walk through the door and take well deserved time for themselves. 
In addition to teaching I am also the owner of Fat baby malas, where I make mala beads and meditation accessories.

Training and Certifications



200 hr YTT 

Deep River Yoga Teacher Training Program

with Erica Nunnally

November 2015



300 hr YTT 

Sacred Seeds Yoga School

with Jacqui Bonwell

May 2020



Children's Yoga 

ages 3-11 years, Preteen, and Teen

with Kim Taylor of Cardio Kids Yoga

November 2015


Creative Relaxation and Yoga for Children with Autism and Special Needs 

with Louise Goldberg

January 2016

Yoga for Children with Autism and Special needs 

with Elizabeth Goranson of Stretch What Matters
March 2017


Prenatal Yoga  

with Rebecca Conant of Om Births

May 2016


Yin Yoga and Meditation  

with Sagel Urlacher

June 2016


Yoga Nidra
with Sagel Urlacher

June 2017

Connected Warriors Trauma Conscious Yoga

Yoga for Veterans and First Responders

October 2018

Clinically Informed Restorative Yoga (CLIR)

Jacqui Bonwell and Nancy Pando

May 2020

Restorative Yoga

Robyn Ivy Payton

May 2020

Thai Bodywork

Thai Massage Level 1

Jennifer Yarro

Triple Gem School of Thai Massage

February 2019

Thai Massage Level 2 

Jennifer Yarro

Triple Gem School of Thai Massage

March 2019



Reiki Level 1

Shamballa, Angeltouch, Rainbow, Karuna and Usui Shiki Ryoho

with Monica Fernandes of Evolution Reiki

November 2012

Reiki Level 2

Usui Shiki Ryoho

with Trisha Matthies Healing Moon Wellness Center

November 2013